Monday, December 4

Son of a!!

It's almost two months since my first posts. It's all Kirsten Dunst's fault.

I have the same bone structure as her so whenever I get my hair did I always look at her latest do, see if it's something I'd like.

I googled "Kirsten Dunst hairstyles" and stupidly clicked on the first site that popped up. It ended up being a porn site, something about her pubic hairstyle. No biggie, I love porn and for those of you who have seen Avenue Q know that the internet was created only for porn.

As I continue browsing for a good site, I started getting a couple pop-ups. Within an hour I had so many pop ups that my computer crashed. Luckily my dad is in IT so he helped me fix it by wiping out my hard drive and starting over.

So now that my computer is working again, I totally plan on keeping up with my blog.

And I can't help but laugh about writing "those of you"...none of my friends know about this yet. Probably because so far there's nothing really to know!