Sunday, October 19

I can't do it, Captain.

Sorry folks, I really haven't felt like posting.  

I don't even feel like writing fuck shit bitchcock.

Or maybe I do.

Fuck shit bitchcock.


Tuesday, October 7

Looking for Grace

I am extremely proud and excited to announce my brother and his friends have created an original web series.  This week is their coming out party, so please show your support by checking out their website and trailer: 

An Internet Event in 10 Chapters written by Nathaniel Halpern and directed by Aaron Rabin. After a young man (Harold) discovers his memories have been replaced by those of a mysterious woman named Grace, he sets out on a journey to find her, hoping to reclaim that which he has forgotten. However, along the road, he discovers a strange world in which nothing is as it seems -and that he is not the only one 'Looking For Grace'.

And if you're on Facebook, it would totally rock if you became a fan.

Yaaay Rippie!!

Sunday, October 5

I love my friends.

I love my friends for many reasons, my favorite one being they humor my idiocy.

JP and Doll asked me for my address the other day.  I gave them my usual response.  They mailed it verbatim:

Thanks guys!

Saturday, October 4

I'm scrappy.

I went to my first boxing class last night.  Man, do I love to punch things!  Who knew??*

I probably should have watched Rocky before I went though because I totally forgot what training entails. It's not all about punching; there are a lot of drills too.  I SUCK at drills.  

In the beginning we had to run laps, do high knees, kicks, side steps, and lunges around the room about 20 times.  Then we had to do a few minutes each of jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups.  It was rough.  The rest of the class all about jabs, cuts, hooks, ducks, all of the fun stuff.

I swear to Shizza I turned PURPLE within 15 minutes.  I looked like I was going to die.  I can't help it, my skin is so thin and pale that once my blood starts pumping I change color.  

Luckily my face wasn't indicative of how I felt.  Granted I am really out of shape and had to stop for water a lot, but I made it the whole hour and felt fabulous when I got home.

So yes, while I'm not looking forward to the drills again I will definitely keep at it.  I'm scrappy people!  I was born to box!


Wednesday, October 1

Hotel Bar Whipped Light sucks

I opened my microwave door and found a tub of butter inside.

I stared at it for a few seconds.  

Me:  "Are you really a tub of butter inside my microwave?"

Butter:  "Why yes, I am indeed a tub of butter inside your microwave."

Me:  "Interesting.  Did I put you there or did you put yourself there?"

Butter:  "I don't know. I'm a tub of butter.  How could I put myself in here?"

Me:  "Well, why would I put you in there?"

Butter:  "I don't know.  I'm a tub of butter."

Me (throwing the tub of butter into the garbage):  "Whatever.  I didn't like you anyways."

The End