Saturday, October 4

I'm scrappy.

I went to my first boxing class last night.  Man, do I love to punch things!  Who knew??*

I probably should have watched Rocky before I went though because I totally forgot what training entails. It's not all about punching; there are a lot of drills too.  I SUCK at drills.  

In the beginning we had to run laps, do high knees, kicks, side steps, and lunges around the room about 20 times.  Then we had to do a few minutes each of jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups.  It was rough.  The rest of the class all about jabs, cuts, hooks, ducks, all of the fun stuff.

I swear to Shizza I turned PURPLE within 15 minutes.  I looked like I was going to die.  I can't help it, my skin is so thin and pale that once my blood starts pumping I change color.  

Luckily my face wasn't indicative of how I felt.  Granted I am really out of shape and had to stop for water a lot, but I made it the whole hour and felt fabulous when I got home.

So yes, while I'm not looking forward to the drills again I will definitely keep at it.  I'm scrappy people!  I was born to box!


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