Tuesday, September 8

Middle Stalls

I had to take a dump at work today and the only free stall was the middle one.  

I don't like middle stalls.  There's something calming about having a full wall on one side.  If I'm tired, I can rest my head on it.  If I ate Mexican, I can brace myself on it.  If it smells, I only have one set of shoes to examine in order to figure out who's sitting next to me so I can later avoid them.  

In fact I sort of hate women who go right for the middle stall.  Do you have any shame?  Don't you want your privacy?   Men have their urinal etiquette.  The same rules should apply!

I was so uncomfortable in the middle stall that I actually waited for the other two chicks to leave and then moved my business to the one on the right.  I like that one, although it's not as good as Stella Bumpkiss.  I miss her!


I am Cheesy Marie.  I haven't stopped smiling in five weeks. I am super duper, incredibly happy to have Tat in my life.

Will I have a freakout again? Perhaps, but right now I feel really good about him. About us!

I can't keep being negative just because I'm afraid to be positive. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I think the reason why I don't want to be all gung-ho about him is because I'm worried that the minute I tell people, we'll immediately break up and I'll look and feel like a jackass. Fuck it though, right? If I'm going to be judged for anything in my life I highly doubt it will be over taking a chance on love. Reciprocated love at that. Well, like anyways. So here it goes:

I really like Tat and he really likes me!

Ugh, you don't know how hard that was to write!!

And no, he doesn't know about Thighs. I'm not ready for that yet.




Did you read that?!?!?! I DIDN'T TELL HIM ABOUT THIGHS. For the first time ever I do not feel the need to dump my entire life on the table and say, "HERE DEAL WITH THIS OR WALK, BUB." because guess what??? I don't want this one to walk!

And the fact that I'm saying I'm not ready for something is a goddamn miracle. Hot damn, goddamn fucking a' miracle.


Wednesday, September 2


You know what's nice?  Every time I feel the least bit bajiggity, he calls.  What a guy.


Hobby found.

I have a dirty little secret.

I love math. I also love creating a new login each time my free Lumosity membership expires. The really nerdy part about doing this is that I also need a new email address. I have five accounts, used three of them already. I might have to draw the line at making new ones with the sole purpose of getting onto this site.  Then again as much as I enjoy brain games I refuse to pay $10 a month to play.

That being said, Raindrops might be worth $11. It's raining math problems!! YAY!!

Boyfriend? Me?

Soooo...I may or may not have a boyfriend. Tat and I have been hanging out for a whole month. A month! That is my post-college world record.

I say "may or may not" because we haven't had The Talk or anything. My Facebook status is still Single. Family and high school "friends" still probably questioning my sexual orientation.

He sure as heck acts like he wants to be my boyfriend, though. This is good. Better than good, GREAT!!!!!

Dear Tat,

You are very great.


Here's where the fun starts...

I haven't heard from him in five hours so I've decided he's given up and we are no longer dating.

I need a hobby.