Tuesday, September 8

Middle Stalls

I had to take a dump at work today and the only free stall was the middle one.  

I don't like middle stalls.  There's something calming about having a full wall on one side.  If I'm tired, I can rest my head on it.  If I ate Mexican, I can brace myself on it.  If it smells, I only have one set of shoes to examine in order to figure out who's sitting next to me so I can later avoid them.  

In fact I sort of hate women who go right for the middle stall.  Do you have any shame?  Don't you want your privacy?   Men have their urinal etiquette.  The same rules should apply!

I was so uncomfortable in the middle stall that I actually waited for the other two chicks to leave and then moved my business to the one on the right.  I like that one, although it's not as good as Stella Bumpkiss.  I miss her!

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lou said...

ha! i had the end stall a couple weeks ago. i heard the lock in the adjacent stall click. the door opened and someone took the urinal. the door opened again, and then there was a line. the guy said "damn," probably in reference to the offensive odors. it was at that moment that i let it rip. it was glorious.