Monday, October 9


I like a guy that I work with. I like him enough to blog, something I never thought I would ever have the guts to do. I'm not sure why I think a person's brave for blogging...they can just be self-involved or fourteen or bored or have friends all over the country.

Obviously I'm not brave enough or my name would be my url and I'd tell my friends I'm writing this. I'm chicken shit to admit (rhymes!) that I have a story and it might actually be worth telling.

My heart is racing and my nose is scrunched up tight as I'm typing. Why do I feel so raw? I've read blogs, some of my best friends post all the time. I've read blogs from people I don't know and I've searched for blogs by people I don't even like, perhaps to validate that I shouldn't like them. Why can't I have one?

Okay then. I am Thighs, I like a guy I work with and I don't think he likes me. First post done.

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