Saturday, January 23

Facebook Loses

As excited as I was to post and boast about dating Tat on Facebook, I will never change my relationship status again. Or at least not until I'm married. Or not. Maybe.

I'm on Facebook enough to know what my friends are doing and to make comments here and there, but I wouldn't say I care too much about the site. Or so I thought.

Welcome to the new age of dating...Tat and I broke up last Saturday, but decided to break up on Facebook yesterday. We discussed it together both trying to figure out a way to avoid the dreaded, cringe worthy statement of "_____ is now Single" with the little broken heart added for our viewing displeasure.

Last night I sweated it out and am pretty sure I successfully changed my status without it showing up in the News Feed. If I'm wrong and you saw it, I don't want to know just please don't make a comment. The "Oh no! What happened??!?!?"s will upset me to no end.

The worst part about it is in Edit Profile, under "In a relationship with Tat BBQ" it said "Cancel Relationship."

Cancel? CANCEL?!?!?! You assholes! Nobody wants to CANCEL a relationship, at least not one that didn't involve adultery or battery or any other -ery. Why can't Facebook be a little more sympathetic??

"I'm sorry to present this option in your time of grief and/or confusion, but would you like to discreetly remove this name from your relationship status?"

Dicks. Facebook loses.

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literating said...

Ugh, the facebook thing. I'm so on board with that. In college, after ending a relationship with my boyfriend at the time and going to "single", I got SO many messages from people I hadn't talked to in years wanting to know everything that had happened. I deleted facebook completely because it was all too much. Stupid Internets.