Monday, January 15

Odd years

I wasn't a fan of odd years until five minutes ago. Every recent odd year has been an exhausting and emotional roller coaster:

1999, 21 years old:
Broke up with my best friend which meant I had to live with people I didn't know; started breaking up with my boyfriend; failed out of college; relationship with my mother went to shit.

Had to move back home after college; many, many fights with my mom; adjusted to a 9 to 5 job in the city; and of course the terrorist attack.

Left my first company for another one in the same industry, it was horrible for a good six months; weighed almost 200 pounds.

Left my second company for my absolute dream company, only to find out it is the most retardedly run company of all time; had nervous breakdown.

And then it hit me. After each miserable odd year came an amazing even year:

Got back into college and graduated; had some great times in the house with the people I originally didn't know; survived the break up.

Met the Petes at my first company, seven ladies who are my very best friends to this day.

Moved into an apartment in New York that I absolutely love; lost 23 pounds.

Still at dream company, loving it more and more every day; have a brand new, healthy relationship with my mom; in therapy and really enjoying it.

And now it's 2007. When I began to type I was going to say I'm worried what this year will bring. Now I'm pretty excited because I'm sure whatever happens I will find the strength to make it through.

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