Thursday, November 20

Budget Me This

Keeping a budget has changed me.  In fact, I think this whole budgeting thing is a big reason why I haven't felt like posting.  More on this later.  Right now I need to document history.

I, Thighs McGee, couldn't figure out if a 12-pack of Scott toilet paper on sale for $6.99 is a better deal than buying a single roll at $1.29.

Fifteen minutes later I decided it is.

I am not an idiot.  Blonde, yes.  Flaky, sometimes.  Bad at math, not so much.  In my defense I drank two Octoberfests in 45 minutes on an empty stomach before entering Rite Aid.

So why the need to post this after a month of not sharing?

1.  I'm buzzed.

2.  I'm still in awe of the world of discounts.  I've bought tons of things on sale before, but I don't feel like it was ever on purpose. Not having my Mastercrutch has made me more aware of my spending habits as well as the overall value of my purchases.  Totally a new way of thinking for me.

3.  I have never bought this much toilet paper in one shot before (this is where the documenting history part comes in).  I am super excited to see how long it lasts.  And I'm not exaggerating about the "super excited" either.  I giggled the whole way home thinking about it.   

So mark your calendars people!  On November 20, 2008 I have 12,000 sheets of toilet paper at my disposal....OH THE POSSIBILITIES!


Humanette said...

i can relate, sounds mad, but i really can. i can truly really find the amazement to do with standing there trying to figure out how not to get jipped - whether or not its a trick question if the 4 pack of toilet paper is a better buy than the single, cuz you never know, right?? And yes, I will stand there. Especially if I am buzzed and I know that if i leave now, it will all be a waste of time.
I found your entry funny. I randomly found you tonight, and yes - I myself, am also buzzed.

Jennifer Juniper said...

That's inSANE. I can't imagine just buying ONE roll of TP! Scary thought...