Thursday, February 26

Stove Update

My landlord came through and ordered a new stove without a fight. I am so, so grateful!! While I do like to get my Irish up every once in a while, I really didn't want to drag this shit out. I love this apartment and don't want any negativity in or about my home.

Unless of course, it's MY negativity. The fucking delivery guys are such assholes! I called them on Tuesday and the owner said that his driver is in court for the next two days. I was like okaaayyy, how about Thursday. He said sure, he'll call me in the morning for delivery.

By 11am I still didn't hear anything so I called them. The owner said this time his driver was at the mechanic and wasn't sure when he'll be able to come. I could hear the bullshit dripping off his words. I get this feeling he's one of those guido/gruido (greek version) tough guys who gets all of his product off the back of a truck and thoroughly enjoys jerking locals around. Fuck you, you wannabe mobster piece of shit!

He got back to me at noon saying the guy will be here "some time before 3pm." It's fucking 2:45pm. What the fuck? You're like 10 minutes from my fucking apartment! And now I'm supposed to fucking tip you??? ARGH!

I'm perturbed. Yes it's nice to be home from work (especially this week), but waiting for someone sucks.


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Jennifer Juniper said...

Gruido!! hahah Didn't we come up with that when I came back from that wedding? haha