Thursday, April 11

30 MLB Parks in 23 Days

Check this article out. A guy broke a Guinness World Record by hitting all of the ballparks in less than a month. It's a pretty cool idea, although his accounts of the trip don't seem very fun.  If you're cheering for outs rather than enjoying the game, then what's the point?

I Googled "what do you get for a guinness world record". Answer: nothing except bragging rights.


On second thought, I sort of get it.  I do like telling sports fans about my baseball trips because it makes for great conversation.  I don't think it's ever gotten me laid or anything, but it does create a bond of sorts. I like seeing the light bulb go off as others realize they could do the same thing on their travels. I've had quite a few people say I inspired them to go, especially to Wrigley. I can't say it enough (or I can but won't stop) - ALL BASEBALL FANS MUST GO TO WRIGLEY.

Huh. I never considered rating them all. Here's my list, best to worst. This is based on my gut feeling and hazy memory.

Wrigley Field
Citi Field
PNC Park
Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Camden Yards
Nationals Park
Dodger Stadium
Fenway Park
Safeco Field
Busch Stadium
Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field)
Citizens Bank Park
Kauffman Stadium
Rogers Centre
Miller Park
Marlins Park
new Yankees Stadium
U.S. Cellular Field
Tropicana Field

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Jennifer Juniper said...

PETCO should be higher!! That historic building rules. :) Weirdly I've been there for a tour but not a game. Yet.

You've certainly inspired me to try to go to them all but just not as hard as you have. :P And I'll never go to Yankees Stadium. haha

I have MUCH less so far: Dodgers, Giants, Mets, Phillies, Blue Jays, Orioles. I don't count Padres since I didn't see a game yet.

Hopefully this year I'll get the Angels. And I might try Tigers and/or Red Sox. We shall see...