Tuesday, July 15

A year later...

I am so excited to write again. It's been too long. I've missed Thighs, I've missed sharing, and I've missed me.

This year has been nutty, per usual. Shall I do the rundown for old times' sake?

1. I MOVED IN WITH MDLL. WHAAA?? Yep, that's right. I am in a committed serious relationship and Delilah Foray is no longer my home. 

2. I was officially diagnosed as bipolar. : ) :

3. I finished my baseball tour!!! All 30 ballparks!! 

4. I started a new job at Harpoon last May. It's okay. I love my coworkers and I make amazing money, but I am having some of my typical workplace issues. 

5. I weigh 210 pounds.

6. I just laughed out loud after writing number five. Not at the number, but at my 36 year fixation with my weight in general. 

7. I'm 36.

8. I've read five whole books in the past two months - The Road, The Fault in Our Stars, Harry Potter 1, 2, and 3. I'm also 100 pages in HP 4 and 600 pages in ASOIAF: Clash of Kings. All this because Harpoon moved from midtown to downtown, so my commute takes twice as long. I'm not thrilled, but I am happy to read again.

9. I graduated from Wheel of Fortune to Jeopardy.

10. My newest hobby is doing crosswords. I used to only do the Sunday Times, but I recently bought the online daily subscription. It's only $40 for the year! The Sunday Times was $5 a week alone!

11. My debt is back up again due to all of my baseball trips. I'll be able to pay it off in a year and a half, if I try.

12. I spent Christmas in Pittsburgh with MDLL's family. It was a wonderful trip, but strange to not be with my own family. I never knew how much I liked tradition.

13. My family is good! There was a rough patch last summer over me getting back with MDLL before his divorce was final, but we are all one big happy clan now. I love that they love him.


15. I'm surprised at the order of this list.

16. I am only seeing my therapist Cee once a month. We decided it was best to do weekly sessions with my psychiatrist Rah, so he can track my progress and issues on my new medications. The issues are a'plenty.

17. My coldergies I really bad today. So bad all I wanted is soup even though it's 85 degrees with 100% humidity. (I don't know if it's actually 100% humidity, but it feels like it.)

18. I'm all for pooping at work because we are human and that's what toilets are for. Holy hell though, someone's poop pooped because even with my cold I could smell the awfulness. Courtesy flush, people!!

19. Another new hobby is hating humanity, which is partly why I now have a team of psychiatrists.

20. Now that I'm back in publishing, I know why I left. 

I'm not sure what else I can say...is it sad I summed up a year plus in only 20 statements? Items? Thingies? Whatever.

It's nice to be back. I hope I stay for a while.

21. I learned I've been using "awhile" wrong. Example:

Friend: "I'll come to the show, but I can't pay you until next week."

Me: "No prob. I'll get the tickets awhile and you can pay me whenever!"

By "awhile" I mean "now" or "in the meantime". Like "I'll get the tickets now even though you can't pay me right away."  It makes perfect sense to me, but it's wrong. My mom says it wrong, too. I don't know how many times I've made this mistake in my blog. Feel free to count if you're bored!

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