Sunday, February 18

Why Thighs?

I have 26 inch thighs. It's the equivalent of having a toddler wrapped around my femur.

My thighs have been my dirty little secret for years. Of course anyone who sees me walking down the street can see that I'm pear shaped, rubenesque if you will. I've had an active sex life and definitely not shy under the sheets, but I never, ever wear shorts and only wear skirts that cover my knees.

So why would I name myself Thighs if my own are something I hate and am ashamed of? Oddly enough, it just feels right.

Of the few clear childhood memories I have, I remember the first time I noticed my thighs were bigger than other girls. I was in first grade and the class was sitting on our knees singing a song, slapping the tops of our legs. I looked around at all the petite girls with their small little thighs that barely made any noise while mine sounded like thunder. I was the tallest girl in class so it made sense I'd have thicker legs, but it was at that moment that I had discovered my thighs and decided that they were ugly.

Over 20 years later, I still feel the same way. Naming myself Thighs is my way of facing my dirty little secret and sharing it with the world. Here's hoping this will help me learn to love them no matter what size they are.

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Jennifer said...

Good luck! I think I will hate mine forever... :(