Thursday, October 11

Junk email

Company didn’t have an email filter for awhile so we used to get some pretty junkie emails directly in our inbox on a regular basis. We now have a Postini Spam thingie (yes I am in IT), so we have to sign in to review and delete them. I checked it this afternoon and I must say there are some pretty good subject lines this week:

Come get it!

Safely enlarge and enhance the size of your penis!

2 pills a day got me an extra 2 inches.

A bigger cock will always be better.

With Manster you can look forward to the good times sexually.

Now I’m 2 inches bigger in my manhood. I have all the confidence.

I was looking for a method to improve my size. By size, I mean overall length and width of my penis.

Your longer penis will probe deeper searching those special nerve endings.

The added width to your penis fills and presses her from side to side to give your partner the most exhilarating sensations.

My wife complains about my small cock ALL THE TIME!

Who thinks to write this shit? When can I date them?


Girl said...
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Girl said...

hahahahahaha I recognise ALL of those!! I love when I get the same one's only SLIGHTLY different:

My boyfriend's dick keeps falling out.

My boyfriend's shaft keeps falling out.

My boyfriend's rod keeps falling out.