Sunday, February 21


I heard this word four times on TV today, thrice (thrice!) in Almost Famous and once in Californication.

Then I discovered it's a movie title as I was going through the Netflix new releases.

I guess I'm really supposed to know what this word means today, huh?

in·cen·di·ar·y   [in-sen-dee-er-ee]

1. used or adapted for setting property on fire: incendiary bombs.
2. of or pertaining to the criminal setting on fire of property.
3. tending to arouse strife, sedition, etc.; inflammatory: incendiary speeches.
4. tending to inflame the senses: an incendiary extravaganza of music and dance.

5. a person who deliberately sets fire to buildings or other property, as an arsonist.
6. Military. a shell, bomb, or grenade containing napalm, thermite, or some other substance that burns with an intense heat.
7. a person who stirs up strife, sedition, etc.; an agitator.

Wow. Well from Banana and Grape's point of views I definitely am an incendiary based on the last definition and this week's events.

For the others, um yeah...I'm never trying to cook again.


Josh said...

Don't give up on cooking! I will be posting some easy recipes on my blog if you're interested. Also, I suggest using Hungry Girl recipes...they are easy and low-fat!

Melissa said...

If you don't already have one, get a carbon monoxide detector. That stove of yours makes me nervous! said...

Good blog.