Thursday, April 1


Well, I finally did one of the things I've always said I would. I cancelled my cable.

I'm so fucking sick of sitting on my ass and watching brainless television all day long. I have things I want to do with my life that I'm not doing. Will living TV-less inspire me to write a novel or color a comic? I don't know, but it's worth a shot.

Obviously I can still watch some shows on Hulu or Netflix, so I'm not cutting out ALL television. It's the mindless channel surfing that is killing my soul. The last few weekends I watched an America's Next Top Model marathon for about 7 hours (a season I already saw four times!) and flipped to either ESPN, Wedding Crashers/Singer (both have been on a lot lately), Say Yes to the Dress/What Not to Wear between commercial breaks. God forbid my attention span was long enough to enjoy the classic rock tune playing in a car and/or soda ad, but nooo. I need tears, cheers, or jeers on the screen at all times.

SO. My deal to myself is this: I will renew my cable subscription in September for football season. If I have not made any attempts to better my current situation, broaden my horizons, or knock something off my to-do list I am going back to therapy and Auntie D.

If I really push and still don't move, then I'm okay with asking for help again. Until then it's just Me, Myself, and I. We've kicked the shit out of each other for years, now it's time to listen to ourselves and work together. I think it will be much easier without hearing Tyra screaming in the background...

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