Tuesday, November 23

My 5 Year Plan, 3 Years Ago

From Rockstar's iPhone:

35 trip around the world (6 months)
Not work 4 other people
Write & get paid
Color & get paid
Get rid of debt
Inc. Or llc

I believe Rocks transcribed this a couple of months after I turned 30. I forgot about it until she sent it to me last September, when I was 31 and a half. I've kept it in my inbox ever since as a reminder.

Now I'm coming up on 33 and have not accomplished any of these things yet. YET. Well, I would still like to go on a world tour for my 35th birthday if anyone's interested although that would probably put off the getting rid of debt goal. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a six month sabbatical. I haven't decided. YET.

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lou said...

let's go to moscow!