Monday, November 29

I don't want to go to bed.

I should because I'm starting to get tired, but since I'm sitting at my desk farting around (literally and figuratively) I might as well write something.


My weekend was pretty great. Thanksgiving was nice and chill. Friday was Pokher night and I totally won, thanks to a straight on a huge hand. Huge being $4 of Rockstar's change, which she got back when we were done playing. We haven't played with real money yet, so the winner gets to rock this bad boy for the month between games (apparently I'm in a picture mood tonight):

I never make my bed.

Saturday was a sushi dinner with Bakes and Stevie. Peanut butter hot chocolate for dessert. YUM! Sunday was an early brunch with Megkefel, her mom, and adorable son. If I was ever in a group hug with Cale, Evan, and Henry my head would friggin explode from cuteness overload. My boys!

After my Wednesday night shenanigans I thought it best not to get drunk the rest of the weekend. It was a wise decision as I was able to enjoy the time off sans a hangover. My stress did catch up with me a bit yesterday, though. Panic attack again. It sucks and I'm so over it. I just wish they'd go away already.

As relaxing as my weekend was, I did have MD and Minnow on my mind the whole time. I think my body freaked out just so I would stop obsessing. It worked. I felt okay today for the most part. Meditating helps. I plan on doing it every day.

The good news is things are looking up already. It appears Nun and Tennis are going to help me transfer to the new position. I'd be Manager of Digital Operations. Details to come, but the description sounds much more interesting and challenging than my current gig. Even if I don't end up staying at Minnow much longer, at least I'll learn something new for the time being.

No word for MD yet. I'm not nervous as I didn't plan to hear from him until Thursday the earliest. I know something will happen. Either we talk and it works out, we talk and it doesn't, or we don't talk and I move on. Something's gotta give.


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