Thursday, September 8

Uncomfortable Love Beat

Sharing the truth about MDLL's divorce was the most uncomfortable post I've ever written. It's interesting because I've shared some pretty intimate things on here. I guess the difference is all of my previous posts were about me and my personal life, not someone else's. I decided to keep it up because of how uncomfortable it made me feel. Was my discomfort indicative of how uncomfortable I am with our situation or am I just worried he will find out and be angry with me? If I take it down at this point, am I lying?

I appreciate the feedback I've received on the subject. I was very surprised how much this bothered me. Me? Morals? Values? My parents will be married for 37 years this month. I never thought I would want what they have, but I do. Those idiots love the shit out of each other, even when they want to beat the shit out of each other. I love MDLL so much that I'd like to punch him in the face.

Saturday afternoon I listened to a voicemail from my parents while I was on my way to meet MDLL. My dad said something like, "Thighs, we've done some soul searching. While we aren't happy he's not divorced yet, we do not want this to come between us. Please tell MDLL he's welcome to come to the party."

I cried one of those heavy soul cries. I called Bacon, then I called my parents. I sobbed and blathered while walking the mile to the bar. It was a HUGE olive branch and an even bigger weight off my shoulders. I told MDLL and we both decided to wait so he can meet them one on one and not with 30 of my cousins there. I missed him a lot, but it was fun showing everyone his pictures and talking him up. It's obvious I'm in love.

Last night I stopped by his apartment because he said he wasn't feeling well. I brought him some chicken soup, orange juice, tissues, etc. figuring it was just a little cold. Nope, the poor kid had the flu and 102 fever! His skin was on fire!

Of course I have to watch my own health after the shitstorm of this year. I went to bed at 9:30pm and woke up at 7am feeling awful. I said fuck it, I'm sleeping in and working from home today. I slept until ten, now I'm working. Well blogging, but I am actually running shit on my laptop too.

I feel okay now, just beat. I refuse to get sick damn it!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

haha OK, I forgot I missed Labour Day. :-P So glad this happened. Yay for your parents!