Tuesday, September 20


What a week! The rundown:

Tuesday night MDLL and I went to Citi Field for Star Wars/Stand Up for Cancer night. It was really cool to watch scenes from the movies up on the jumbotrons and hear The Imperial March throughout the game. It was also fun to go with MD. We tend to hang in Astoria a lot, so it was great to go out and do something!

Wednesday through Friday my coworker and I went to Rochester to work at my boss' house. I was a little worried about staying there because really, who does that? I had visions of me sleep-walking into her bed or accidentally shitting on her dining room table. Luckily neither of these things happened and we all had a great time! Conversion starts on Monday so the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy. I'm pretty excited about it because this is my opportunity to show what I can do. Fingers crossed everything goes well!

I spent most of the weekend with MD in the hood. Friday I must have had at least seven vodka/seltzers. I haven't been that drunk or hungover in a while. Saturday Bacon and I hung out during the day for some girl time. Saturday night MD and I discussed my period being late and freaked out.

A couple of weeks ago we had prophylactic difficulties. Apparently there has been a pregnant woman parade between my apartment and the office every day since then, because I swear to Shizza I couldn't go five feet without seeing a bun in the oven. Isn't it funny/not funny how that works? I convinced myself this must mean I was with child and actually started picking names.

I am not pregnant. You know what's sad/crazy/interesting about this? While it would be completely inconvenient for me to have a baby right now, there was a small part of me that liked the idea. I don't know what the fuck is going on. Is this the biological clock I've heard so much about?? WHAT IS HAPPENING???

Sunday = football. I am so glad it's back!! The Jets look great. The Giants, not so much. It's only week 3, it's only week 3...

What else? Eh, I guess that's it. Family, 9/11, full moon, baby thoughts, PMS...I always seem to be extra sensitive in September. Maybe it has something to do with astrology and my half-birthday. Anyone want to look this up for me? I'm going to bed.

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