Thursday, September 27

Good afternoon, boys and girls!!

What a glorious day!  I'm digging the fall thus far and it's only going to get better!

I am already super duper psyched for the holidays.  Methinks I'll be Florence Welch from the video Dog Days Are Over for Halloween, as long as I can find a kimono that's close enough to this one:

And now that I'm a redhead I can easily rock this look!!

This past week was fantastical.  I had dinner with the girls Saturday, spent the day with the Bear family on Sunday, managed to randomly score tickets for Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts show Monday, and watched the Mets win against the Pirates last night as well as David Wright breaking the team's all-time career hits record.

On Saturday Slow Jams and I are going to the survival course in Central Park, then I'm pretty sure my parents are staying over that night for a date in the city.  Tomorrow is their 38th wedding anniversary!! Crazy bastards.  I'm not sure what their plan is for Sunday, although I will be watching the Giants game at 8pm.  Yay football!  Oh and Monday night is Jay-Z!!  Yay fun!!

MDLL and I discussed personal and long-term goals the other night.  The days his mute characterness are thankfully over.  We have such an honest and open communication now that it's... gosh I don't know even know what it is.  I feel really lucky and loved.

I decided to make a new list of goals:

1.  Continue to pay off debt

2.  Move in with MDLL to a spacious 2-3 bedroom apartment with a big living room and lots of light, with a safe stove that doesn't share a wall with a living room or bedroom, each bedroom having a fire escape attached.  The apartment must be clean, bug and mice free and it would be great to find a place with a backyard big enough for MDLL to grill and me to garden.  Nice neighbors, good 'hood (preferably still in Astoria), on a tree lined street near the trains and a good school.  All for less than $1800 a month.

3.  Marry MDLL

4.  Have one or two children.  Or one kid and maybe adopt.

5.  Travel to Hawaii, Tibet, and finish my baseball tour (11 parks left!).

6.  Be healthy and fit.

7.  Practice yoga and mediation on a regular basis.

8.  Read more books!!

9.  Have a plentiful savings and IRA, so that we can afford to enjoy our retirement and take care of our parents and children.

10.  Breakthrough my creative obstacles by paintin, drawing, coloring, or writing something at least once a day.

Yay goals!!  Now to figure out when to complete them all!

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