Tuesday, September 11


Gosh, when was the last time I was sick??  While I feel like shit today, I am so incredibly thankful I've been healthy all year.  In hindsight, all of the colds, flus, exhaustion, and tummy issues I've had my whole life must have been due to gluten weakening my immune system.  I'd get sick at least once a month! 

Yesterday my chest felt congested and I was weak.  Today I'm working from home because my back is super sore and I'm tired.  Very tired.  It makes sense. I'm stressed out, I partied too much, and I'm depressed.  Also, today is September 11th, which is always a rough time of year.  I'm glad I'm home.

I haven't heard back from Cee yet.  Fingers crossed I get an appointment today!

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