Thursday, March 22

I don't really love vodka.

But it sure as hell is making me happy right now.

I have decided to deal with my work troubles by getting drunk every night this week. I end up being so preoccupied with my hangover the next morning that I don't think about anything else.

Sometimes when I'm really really hungover I have to keep checking that I'm wearing pants. Thankfully I am wearing them every time.

And thankfully TNA is on. I used to watch wrestling during college, back when the WWE was the WWF and Raw and Nitro were fun. I hate Kurt Angle. He should shove his olympic medals up his ass. Stephanie McMann was a hot dirty whore then, too. I miss college.

Grey Goose is my friend. I decided a year or two ago that I shall aspire to become Karen from Will and Grace. Just be a drunken, snarky, perky breasted biyatch. I'm TOTALLY on my way. Bloody Marys have become my favorite drinks ever.

Who the hell is Conan? I hear him yelling, but I never heard of him...

I have decided to leave Company, for no other reason than to save my liver. I hate stupid.

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