Monday, April 20

Pageants Suck

The interweb is all a buzz with Miss California's answer to whether or not gay marriage should be legal. I actually caught it live last night as I was flipping around waiting for Rock of Love Bus Reunion to start. Ironically, Miss C's answer was more shocking to me than anything Bret's ladies have done all season, except for maybe the vag shot.

Basically she said she believed marriage should only be between a man and a woman. It was pretty fucked up in my opinion, especially since she started off saying how great it is that people have the right to choose in this country, but in HER country, no one should have any rights.

I assume she said this because of her religious beliefs which always makes me wonder, if you were truly at one with your god and religion, why would you care what anyone else believes, who they love, or how they live?

I will never understand why legalizing gay marriage is such an issue for people. Unfortunately, they will never understand why this is such a non-issue for me. Sucks. So do pageants.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, Sista!