Friday, April 22

I love my therapist.

I haven't seen Cee since September. I am long overdue for a session so she and I have been playing phonetag to set up an appointment. I emailed her yesterday to tell her what was going on and that I'd call her back as soon as I can. She responded with this just now:

Dear Thighs,

It sounds that you have been having a very challenging year! Keep your good spirit up and let this dis-ease pass you.

Try not to hate it. Hate is a force and when we try to force something we get resistance. See if you can approach it "with ease".

I am sending good energy and thoughts your way. Call me when you are ready.

Much Love

I feel better.

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Ismael Kennedy said...

Oh, this is such a sweet note from your therapist. This is what I love about them. Aside from being our counselors, they are also our friends. I remember my therapist; she gave me gift on Valentine’s Day to feel good about myself. Right then, I realized how much they are willing to help an individual get through the pain. :]