Wednesday, February 22


I am so friggin task-oriented this week! The biggie was painting my bedroom, which I finished last night. It went from lavendar to light lilac. I wasn't planning on going purple again, but it sucked me back in!!

Tonight is cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I should have guests more often as it's the only way I'm motivated to do any housework. I'm more messy than filthy, though. I'm like a toddler - I use things/take off clothes and leave them wherever I happen to be standing. MDLL only recently got to see what Delilah looks like after the Thighs bomb hits. He seems to get a kick out of me, smiling as he says things like "I found your deodorant under the Darth Vader mask on the chair in your living room." MDLL is really neat, so it should be interesting when we live together.

I made it to 5:30pm! Task time! WOO!

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