Friday, June 22

Heat Dreams

I need to buy a new air conditioner.  Mine is okay and it definitely made a difference compared to my non-A/C rooms, but I didn't sleep well.  I dozed off around 12:30am, woke up 3am, half-slept until 4am, gave up and watched Total Recall on TBS (SCORE!), fell back to sleep at some point, woke up for a few minutes around 6am and talked to myself, slept again then finally got out of bed around 8am.

Besides Total Recall, the only other fun thing about last night were my dreams. Take it away, nutjob!

Jarv, Rocks, Bakes, and I were in a huge block-long apartment with lots of different rooms that I believe we shared.  (I'm pretty sure I dreamt of this place before.)  We were partying and discussing what Broadway shows to see.  I tried to tell Rocks that Jarv and I were going to Jesus Christ Superstar (which we are), but I couldn't get the words out. "Jejus Juperchrist. Super Christ.  Jesus Christ Superstar!!!"  

Dream change - The apartment became just Jarv's place which she shared with a gay man and a stocky, hairy, straight guy.  The straight guy flirted with me and I believe he wanted to spoon.  We may have all been on acid or drunk; I remember it was almost sunrise and we were all really fucked up.  While I was with the guy, the other girls were in Jarv's room playing dress up.  Jarv came out with a humongous guidette bouffant and five pounds of makeup.  I said, "I want to dress up too!" and followed her.  The place had railroad style rooms on both sides of the apartment with a twisty hallway between them and a few secret passages.  I vividly remember a little songbird flying around the apartment.  It made me happy.

Dream change - The boy roommates disappeared and the new tenants were Jarv's coworkers from her production company (she does not work at one in real life).  I believe they were putting on a play of some sort.  I remember we had to climb a ladder that was coming out of the ceiling, which brought us to a whole bunch of cubicles.  Some of her coworkers were semi-bitchy girls and sketchy guys. 

Dream change - The girls aren't in the dream anymore. The coworkers become my coworkers as I take the new job at the production company.  They are putting on some sort of show called "Deandra Deandra" with this chunky little girl in a purple dance outfit.  I believe she either sang really well or had magical powers.  For some reason there were also models nearby and I had to work with their hairstylist and makeup artists.  There was some kind of style competition ala the reality show Shear Genius, but I don't recall doing anything except watching and standing in the wrong place.  I decided to leave and exit out a different ladder back to the office, this one more Escher-esque.  I was above the cubicles with a skirt on and all of the guys gave me the "Hey yo!" and thumbs up because they could see my undies.  I pulled down my skirt to cover my thighs which were MUCH bigger than real life (I hope).

Dream change - This is where it gets weird. (!!) Most things are different.  I don't think I was the lead in my own dream anymore, although it was a blonde.  I guess we'll just call her Jamie. (I don't know why, it feels right.)  Jamie walks into the apartment building and there's a big security gate inside with two guards sitting at a desk.  You need your housekeys to get passed the gate.  She unlocked it and went into the elevator, but then the scene is still playing without her, like if I'm watching a movie.  This guy who kind of looks like Busta Rhymes circa today is at the gate trying to get in.  One of the security guards goofily walks over and says he can't let him in.  Busta says, "No problem, let me give you a quarter."  The security guard is super happy about this, opens the gate to get the quarter, and accidentally drops the keys.  Busta grabs the keys which opens certain apartments and runs off.  Jamie, who again I don't think was here for all of this, appears and says, "Oh no!  My apartment #4141!" and runs upstairs.  She enters the big apartment from the earlier scenes and starts moving all of this furniture in front of the doors so Busta can't rob her.  He gets in anyways and she runs down to one of the secret passages Jarv had showed her.  Jamie opens this weird air-compression sealed door (if that's even a thing) and climbs inside this round chamber.  She calls her mom, which is my mom, and tells her she's okay.  Then she realizes what she climbed into was a big dryer and she will most likely die from the heat. Somehow she manages to get out.

Dream change - Now the dream becomes this Gossip Girl murder mystery type thing.  All of the production company coworkers and Busta are in on this big master plan to kill people.  I'm not really sure why or what happened, but it became this "don't trust anyone because they are all in cahoots" plot. Jamie kept running around the building, stuff I can't remember happened, and then there was a shoot out in this big room with the coworkers, my real life coworker Klam, and JOHN LITHGOW.  The room was huge and white with little mini-golf type floor decorations.  The only one I clearly remember was a fake swamp that was actually a real swamp with a big turtle covered in moss.

Anyhoo Jamie managed to kill Busta, there was blood everywhere, then some friends she could trust helped her hide the body inside a mattress.  It's not clear if they chopped him up.  Some other people died, but then the bullets turned into rubber and bounced off everyone.  Klam and Lithgow were yelling about something, some more stuff happened, and then I woke up.

The end.

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