Friday, June 15

So many activities!

I love being active!  Yay!  Recent activities:

Fencing.  No joke!  Jarv has wanted to try it for a while now, so when a deal came in I decided to join her.  I had no idea it would be such a fun and intense workout.  The advancing, retreating, lunging, engaging.  Lots of ing-ing in that sport.  While I loved the sweat factor, I really enjoyed the focus on poise, control, and patience.  Obviously, I don't have any of those traits, so I'd like to go back for more training. The price for unlimited classes is more than a monthly gym membership though, so I'm hoping to find some place cheaper.

Walking.  The fencing academy is up on 104th Street and Broadway, which is a bit of a hike from Queens.  Luckily the nice weather encouraged me to walk the 3.5 miles up there from work a few times.  Jarv and I walked there and back this past Monday.  I've also walked home from work a couple of times too.  I don't mind the rain as long as we get beautiful days like today!

Jogging.  I ran the women's Mini-10K again!!  YAY! I absolutely love that race.  So much energy and grrrl-power.  I felt surprisingly good the whole time and jogged most of it at about a 12 minute pace.  I walked mile 4, so that cost me a few minutes, but it's not like I was racing-racing.  I just wanted to finish!  Here's my time:

I decided to also run the Giants 5K (we run on the field!) and the Color Run with Juniper this summer. I'm very excited to do both!  Check out the Color Run:

Sculpting.  Last time I ran the 10K I got hammered and woke up on my bathroom floor with no pants on.  THIS time I scheduled a sculpting class (yes another Groupon) right after the race to prevent myself from being a drunk.  It worked!  Check out my stone carving creation:

Yogaing. I love yoga. I've been going to The Giving Tree Yoga Studio with Juniper for a couple of months now and really enjoy it there. 

Swimming. Florida totally got me back into swimming. Tomorrow MDLL and I are heading down to Seaside for some beaching, then we are GOING TO MY PARENTS HOUSE.  Wha-wha-whaaaa??

We aren't technically back together, as in I haven't said "You are my boyfriend again." but basically we are hanging out and talking everyday like we did before the break-up. I didn't tell anyone until recently because I needed some time to be with him in peace.  We are both very excited to get over the divorce hump and see where the future takes us. Hmmm...I guess loving is an activity too!

Still to come: kickboxing, some more archery, bike riding, and I asked my brother to get me some samurai sword training DVDs so I can keep that up.


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