Sunday, June 13


I DID IT!! The 10K was so awesome!! I am so proud of myself!!

I don't know how the fuck it happened, but I pretty much jogged the whole time. My goal was to do finish in 90 minutes and I beat it!! 78 minutes baby!

The first mile was pretty rough. That's when the humidity got me. Mother Nature obviously did not read my letter, but I must say the heat was manageable once I got into the park. The race started at 61st and Central Park West, into the park at 90th, went up to 110, and then down the east side to 67th. I'm pretty sure I hit mile 3 at 40 minutes so i was pretty consistent pacer. Miles 3-4 were the hardest though, lots of ups and downs, so I walked most of that one. But my word, when I got to mile 5 I just took off! I don't know where the hell the energy came from, but I ran the last 1.2 miles straight. There's something about seeing 800 meters, 400 meters, 200 meters that made me want to end strong. Rocks and Bakes were waiting for me at the finish line. I was so happy to see them!

Oy, I feel like I'm just throwing words up. I had such a healthy morning and then we went out drinking to celebrate. Yada, yada, yada...I woke up on my bathroom floor. Yikes.



Jennifer Juniper said...

Yay for you!!! Maybe one day I'll do one of these with you! ;-)

Also... I don't think I've ever seen that particular spelling of "oye." haha ;-)

THIGHS said...

Ha! I fixed it. I was still drunk this morning.