Friday, June 4

8 days to 10K

I jogged/walked the 6 mile loop in Central Park this morning.  Mostly walked.  The heat is way too much for me.   My mutant skin doesn't react very well to it.  Besides turning rurple (red-purple) my face feels uncomfortable.  How do I explain this?  Pull your face skin back and tight like if you got botox and a lift.  Have someone cake on hot oatmeal.  Let oatmeal firm, but not cool down.  Yeah, that's what it feels like.  Good thing it will be 40 degrees out next Saturday...

Signing up for this 10K was very random and slightly stupid, but I must say it's changed me for the better:   

1.  Obviously I'm working out.  It's been a long time since I was active.  Nothing beats a good sweat.  This is probably why I've been so positive lately.  Exercise helps keep my mood swings in check.

2.  I'm back to being a morning person.  I've been one my whole life, up until I started stressing at Company.  All I wanted to do then was stay in bed.   The past couple of days I was out of the house by 7am.  Today I didn't leave until 10am and I felt like I was late!

Waking up early means I go to bed earlier, too.  Wednesday night I went to sleep at 9pm.  It was glorious!

3.  I'm no longer self-conscious about running in my neighborhood.  I know, me? Self-conscious?  I am plenty.  The interesting thing about it is I only seem to care what people think when it's a positive thing I'm doing, ie working out, learning something new, dancing.  Too bad my paranoia doesn't kick in when I drink until I puke, make out with six guys in one night, or tell people to fuck off instead.

So there ya have it.  Even if I don't run the whole race, I'm very happy I signed up for it.  Never in a million years did I think I'd run for a good time.

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