Thursday, June 3

Vital Juice

Vital Juice is a fun health website with information on fitness, nutrition, beauty, etc. They email me a daily newsletter with the latest workout tips, online discounts, or new health/wellness store and events in the NY area.

For example, there is a new shop in Chelsea that "offers sweet-smelling kitchen, bath and cleaning products." The article says the owner has a love of french aromas and decor, so one of VJ's editors thought it would be cute to mention this in the subject line of the email:

Vital Juice NY - What Does Paris Smell Like?

You know what I thought of when I read this? Paris Hilton. Not France. Hilton. You know what I think she smells like? Money, bleach, self-tanner, and dirty sea urchins.

When the hell did this happen? When did Hilton replace France? Is that what went on here or do I automatically think when someone asks "What does X smell like?" they mean naughty bits?

It's with this simple email that I realize I truly am uncultured and uncouth. I'm okay with this. For now anyways.

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