Monday, June 28

Yay OkCupid!

I decided to try online dating again and within 10 minutes of me updating my profile I get an IM from this shitfucker. Apparently OKC still has douchebags and crappy instant messaging.

Douche: hey
Douche: how are you?
Douche: hello?
Me: Hello
Douche: looking for serious or casual?>
Me: Serious
Douche: looking for serious or casual?
Douche: hello?
Me: Serious
Douche: you very sexual?
Me: No. Completely frigid.
Douche: cup size?
Me: F for Fuck Off.
Douche: cup size?
Douche: hello?
Me: F
Douche: cup size?


Misty Kaye said...

Hah, that is pretty great, in that awful kind of way. But don't blame OKC. The entire internet is full of douches.

Anonymous said...

wait... that was you....


Jennifer Juniper said...

That is unbelievable. I never keep the chat on, I want to be able to decide if I want to talk to you first. Ugh.