Tuesday, June 15

Yeah, Payday!

Well I made it to payday. Fun money is back!! To congratulate myself for making it two whole weeks of coming directly home after work every night, I treated myself to something special. I immediately went out and bought a brand new flat screen tv!! It is AMAZEBALLS and it only cost $950!!!

It's so fucking cool!

And I'm so fucking lying! I did not buy a television, but I did spend $9 at Caravan Chicken to get the ribs, rice, and beans platter. I'm feeling a little guilty about it, so I figured if I put my "splurge" into perspective I'd leave myself alone.

It worked. I even have leftovers for tomorrow, so there. $4.50. Ass.

1 comment:

lou said...

i buy a flat screen every payday, too!! :-P