Wednesday, January 30


A guy who looks exactly like Chris Pratt - sexy, gingerish, bulging, hunk of a man.

Must be:

available - not married, separated, damaged from divorce, or with girlfriend but "having problems"
caring and kind
funny - cracks me and others up
assertive and driven without being a dick about it
responsible and mature in ways that matter ie job, home, finances, family, relationships, etc.
interested in new life experiences
makes friends easily
enjoys being social
a good communicator
ready for marriage and open to having children
politically open-minded, although leans to the left on social issues
religiously open-minded

Must like:

movies, especially action ones
sports, especially football and baseball
comics or at least superheroes in general
drinking but not a drunk...well not a worse drunk than me
trying new activities (so many activities!)
living in NYC
the color blue

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