Tuesday, October 11

Nine days to Monego!


Our big day is October 20th. We're going to City Hall with our families around 1pm, having lunch at Spring Street Natural after, then heading to Houston Hall for a reception at 6pm.  


I mean, I'M GETTING MARRIED. I never thought I'd get married. Well, I WANTED to, but I never thought I'd find love. I never thought MD and I would get our shit together. I never thought MD would ask. It's amazing and scary and exciting and nauseating.

MD finally came around a few months ago. He asked my dad for my hand on July 26th. The anticipation of him asking me drove me nuts, so on July 31st we argued and he proposed to shut me up. How romantic.

Actually it was perfect. I came home from brunch and the movies. MD was supposed to talk to his family about when they could come for our wedding, but he didn't. I was like what the hell you were supposed to talk to them blah blah blah. He kept saying, "Well I wanted to talk to you first." I was like, talk to me about what blah blah blah.

Then he said, "HOLD ON." and came back with a box. Oh shit!! I cried, he cried, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was classic us.

Now he doesn't remember saying this, but he 100% said, "Let's get married before the end of the year because I don't want this over my head next year."  Again, romantic.

August and September were too soon, November weekends were bad because of the NYC marathon (not that we're running - HAHAHAHA - but it would be a shit show for people to travel), the election (which I don't know if we'll feel like celebrating), then we're in Italy for two weeks. December was too holiday-y, so that left October.

By August 4th we had visited and booked Houston Hall for Thursday the 20th. I love, love, LOVE HH. It's a beautiful space and I can't wait to party there.

August 19th I bought a dress.

August 25th we went to Pittsburgh and I had a Sister Day with MD's sister and sister-in-law. Now I have two sisters! (Three if you count Rippie's girlfriend!)

Mid-September I had two wonderful bridal showers with family and friends.

There's been lots of stuff in between that I can't remember, which is why I'm writing about the next nine days. I don't want to forget any of this!!


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