Sunday, August 19

There's a new boy in my life!

He is short, bald, toothless, and totally handsome.

He drools and poops a lot which is exactly what I look for in a guy.

It's a shame he's practically 30 years younger than me.

Schmidtface, once Cale is potty-trained I'm taking him out on the town. Baseball games, amusement parks, ice capades (do they still do stuff on ice?), the zoo, everywhere!

I will be the most fun non-related aunt he's ever had!


Andy said...

My son needs a not-so-crazy aunt.

I guess you'll do :)

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

There is High School Musical on Ice...

yoroshiku34 said...

I guess you'll be the one to buy him "Everybody Poops"? :P