Monday, August 13

Work dilly

Okay, I think I'm ready to write about it.

I mentioned one of my bosses GP a few weeks back. He's the one who likes to close projects that aren't finished and/or push things into production that are flat out wrong. He apparently also likes to keep me down, as he's done nothing to help me complete my own projects OR teach me anything new. Basically GP says four things to me everyday:

1. "No."
2. "It's plumbing."
3. "It's reporting."
4. "...well that's out of the scope of this project..."

Answers 2-4 are responding to my question of "Why?" after he gives me a "No." I realize now this is what he's really saying:

1. "I'm pissed I didn't think of it so you can't do it."

2. "You're too dumb to understand what it takes to do this on the backend."

3. "The users are too dumb to figure out that we fucked up so we will just filter their reporting so that they'll never know."

4a. "I don't know how to do this, so I'll pretend we don't have to."

4b. "It's better to hit my deadline so I'd rather put a faster, mediocre solution out there then do it correctly the first time."

BULLSHIT. We argue at least once a week. Three times it's gone to the head of our department, Mags (the one who hired me). And then there's last week...

On top of the usual crap he pulls, GP reached new heights. Not only did he flat out tell users they didn't have to do something that I've asked them to do for six weeks now, he did it twice. And the best one...on Thursday he actually stood outside a conference room to listen in on a brainstorming session I was having with a coworker. Shizza only knows how long he was actually eavesdropping, but during that time he decided that I don't know enough about the project to move forward while he's on vacation. This meant I had to cancel all of my meetings with the users and lose at least 10 days on a two month project.

I found all of this out on be continued after The Soup...


Little Jen said...
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yoroshiku34 said...

If this is who I think it is, I feel oddly vindicated. If not... then I agree with Jen. And that theory about users having their work papered over is very scary!!