Monday, April 7


A question for lesbians. Real lesbians. Not the half-ass kind like myself.

Have you ever thought about working at Victoria's Secret?

I can understand why you wouldn't want to be a gynecologist. Only a man could see that much vag and not get sick of it.

I went to Victoria's Secret after work today and I swear to god an employee was hitting on me. Either that or she was blind and needed to feel my breasts in order to know what size I wear. Most bra-fitters are touchy-feely so it's not that unusual, but she was holding on to them a bit too long. So long that I even looked around the store for a second! When she realized it was getting a bit weird she apologized by pulling down the front of her shirt to show me her own bra and massive cleavage.

This is when it hit me. All lesbians should work at Victoria's Secret at least once in their lives! Straight girls are sluts, you can totally take advantage of us. Case in point, even though this lady was unattractive, I got turned on. She had a huge rack!! Apparently we were the same size, but double D's on a short person look like double H's...and HH stands for Hummina-Hummina.

A few minutes later I went into the dressing room to try on this really hot bra. I knew I looked good in it so I did what any good little minx does, I called my would be suit-her and asked for her opinion. Yeah, she blushed. Sold.

Whenever I buy something new I have to go straight home, put it on, and prance around my apartment for a bit. Well get cleavage looked really good in this bra, TOO good in fact! I actually got embarrassed and changed!!

I can't believe it. My own boobs made me blush.


Heather said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it.

Anonymous said...

I like boobs.