Tuesday, September 9

What I gave up.

My last post was going to be a long detailed account of the shitty things that happened at work during the past week. I wrote and rewrote it like five times. Then I gave up and deleted it all.

None of it matters. All that does matter is I need a job, I need insurance, I need a retirement plan, and I need PASSION.

Company is the only place I ever dreamed of working. While my experience there was a bit of a roller coaster, there is no denying my passion for the the characters, the stories, my role, and my friends. It was probably passion overload, but now I can honestly say it was all worth it.

Since I'm no where near becoming a freelance anything (I haven't done a damn thing all summer), what company would I want to work for next? Where would I feel excited and proud to go to every day?

Oh shit. I think I know where.

I'll wait to share, but I will say this: it's definitely not in publishing. That chapter is done.

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