Saturday, January 3


Since I was really sick over the 2007 holidays, I was determined to stay healthy this year, mainly so I could spend time with my brother.  I miss the stinker.

On Christmas night I decided to go out with him and his friends in Jackson.  Long story short I had a really good time, but made the mistake of drinking like I did as a Jersey youth.  Two words:  Bud Ice.

I have no idea how many I drank, but seriously, NEVER AGAIN.  I puked my guts out that night, had a raging hangover the next two days, and still have a cold over a week later.  I'm sure drinking outside in the winter, taking quite a few chugs of blackberry brandy, and two drags of a cigarette didn't help either, but let's just blame Budweiser.  I never liked their beers anyways.

Just for kicks I decided to look up the alcohol content.  Bud Ice is 5.5%.  This made me curious to see what the strength is of all my favorite beers from years past.

Teenage favorites - Honestly I drank what I could get, but when I had options:
Zima 4.8% (FA!!!)
Coors Light 4.2% (Yuck. I might hate Coors more than Budweiser now.)
Olde English 5.9% (You know, because Jackson is South Central Jersey.)

College favorites:
Icehouse 5.0% (Duh, this probably tasted just like Bud Ice now that I think about it.)
Yuengling Black and Tan 4.5%
Newcastle 4.5%
Bass 5.2%
Steel Reserve 8.1% (Not kidding. I'd buy a 40 for $2 and be set for the night.)

Adult favorites:
Ommegang 8.5%
Anchor Steam Liberty Ale 6.0%
Sierra Nevada 5.7% (Bottle only, I don't like it on tap.)
Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale 7.2%
Stone IPA 6.9%
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA 6.0%
I really just love IPAs in general.

Guinness 4.0% (My go-to beer since college.)
Amstel Light 3.6% (My lighter back-up.)
Corona 4.6% (During the summer or when eating Mexican food.)
Miller Lite 4.2% (Only at sporting events.)

Okay, it's settled. Bud Ice is stronger than most of my go-to beers. It's not as strong as my Adult favorites, but I can't drink too many of them anyways. Case in point, the last time I had Dogfish Head I was on a date. I drank three before the guy showed up (he was stuck at work) and was BOMBED. We didn't go out on a second date. Again, I blame Budweiser.

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