Friday, July 30

Happy Bridge Day!

Bella and I were going to make our summer Friday a Brooklyn Day, complete with a walk over the bridge, Grimaldi's, Warhol exhibit at the museum of art, and the botanical gardens. She ended up going to Philly though so we postponed it for a later date (let me know if you'd like to join!).

When I woke up and saw how beautiful it was out this morning, I decided I couldn't pass up the non-disgusting weather and did part of Brooklyn Day on my own. I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, then walked back over the Manhattan one. Thus, Bridge Day!

I can't believe I've never walked over the Brooklyn Bridge before. It is GORGEOUS. Today was GORGEOUS. You're all GORGEOUS. It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful day outside. Check out my pics.* My favorite:

After the bridge walk I headed over to Grimaldi's for some famous brick-oven pizza. Unfortunately, they don't serve slices and I didn't want to get stuck lugging a pie around town, so all I did was use their bathroom. I finally made it there only to pee.

I did get some ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and a taco at the Calexico stand. DELISH. I am obsessed with finding good tacos. The steak one is the bomb. Oh and the Brooklyn Bridge Park is really nice. You should go to there.

Dumbo is pretty cool. I like how youthful and creative it feels, at least on the two blocks I walked down to get to the Manhattan Bridge. The MB isn't as nice as the BB, but it has some cool views.

On my way home I stopped off at Midtown Comics to buy some random issues I needed and the last installment of Scott Pilgrim. I hope it's crappy out my next summer Friday, August 13th because I will probably be in the theater all day. Both Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Expendables open. I CANNOT WAIT. Romantic geekism and old man action star carnage. Best movie day all year!

Now I'm a bit bored, something I rarely am! I should clean and do laundry. I discovered a bag of clothes in my closet waiting to be hand-washed or dry cleaned for at least three years now. I found six shirts I forgot I owned. Score! I'd also like to go on my roof and read, but I got a lot of sun today. I'm usually really good with the sunscreen, but I missed two big spots on my back right under my shoulders. I really should stop wearing tanktops because my "tan" lines are looking pretty ridiculous. Maybe I should get some tube tops** or something. I'm covered in Noxzema right now. It's a surprisingly fond olfactory memory of my childhood, surprising because I was usually painfully burnt with the cold sweats whenever I had it on. Ah, the life of an albino.

What to do, what to do. Tomorrow will be a big day, a lovely visit with Leeks and the Mighty Cale at the beer garden and Juniper's 30th birthday party. Happy Birthday, Juniper! Happy Birthday to Tobly, too! (Not sure if you read this...I'm sorry I'm missing your party of gayness!)

Oooo...yesterday could have been a really crappy day at work. My boss's boss's boss actually ripped up an analysis I ran because he didn't like it. Can you believe that? He also throws things, makes racist and sexist remarks, and is a full on psychopath. Fun, right? The reason I said it "could have been" crappy is because I chose to not let it bother me. When I got back to my desk I went on gmail and my friend Jase's status said "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." Once I read that I chose not to suffer and was fine. I've been doing this a lot lately - consciously deciding how I want to respond to a situation. It makes me feel so much better! It's not about ignoring feelings, it's about being mindful of them and the situation itself. I could have been upset, but why? What would that accomplish? I've known this job isn't for me, I've known he is a very damaged man, and I know that one day I'll forget I even worked at Minnow. So why get worked up? It's just not worth it.

You read that?? I conquered my job mania! Yay! Now if only I could be this zen when it comes to love and dating...siiigh...

Oh and I totally need to go to the beach soon. I was DYING to go for a swim in the East River. That's how you know I really miss the ocean.

Double oh, I totally want to start playing pool a lot again. I miss that, too.

Triple oh, I'm not bored anymore! It's time for some Avatar. Not only did I want to swim in the East River, but I tried to waterbend it, too.

It totally worked.

*Is there a better site to use than Picasa? I hate that you have to upload the pictures one by one. Am I missing something?

**Do people still say tube tops? I call purses "pocketbooks" so I guess it really doesn't matter...

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