Thursday, July 15

Hummina hummina

In t-minus 8 hours I will be roadtripping it to Pittsburgh for a Pirates game. My seventeenth ballpark. I'm finally going to break the halfway mark. Holla!!

California was my big trip of the year and jesus christ, April feels like decades ago. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before - I have ZERO concept of time. It's all one straight line that extends for eons. My last post was only three days ago and I had to check to see what I last wrote. I'm surprised I even remembered I have a blog!

So what's new with me? Nothing. Lots of things.

1. My grandmother had a stroke a few weeks ago. My dad and I visited her on Saturday. She's doing really well considering. I don't remember the last time I saw her (see previous paragraph). She's my only living grandparent and it's sad to admit I barely know the woman. My mom made it a point to protect my brother and I from my dad's side of the family. I'm sure I'll share why one day. Still a shame though. We have the same hands.

2. The Mick drama has officially eaten my brain. I tried to make it easy for him by being cool, giving him a nice friendship out to keep things light, but he continues to blow me off then writes really sweet texts/emails to apologize. I failed. Or he did. Whatever. Maybe I'll make out with some rednecks this weekend.

3. Notice I said "make out." I haven't whored it up in ages and now I know I can't handle banging friends either anymore. Sex is strictly for guys I'm dating. Sincerely.

4. Interesting work week. I don't care to say much more. All that matters is I got paid today, I have a summer Friday tomorrow, and I'm most likely taking a halfday on Monday to sleep in after the roadtrip.

5. My boobs look really good lately.

6. The other day I ate some Pirate's Booty and got it all over my face. I was still hungry so I decided to get some minty crack, aka Peppermint Pattie. As I was buying it, I said to Breen "I'm going to have Peppermint Pattie Booty face." (Mishka, this was for you to explain my FB status. Yes, I still need help but at least now you know what I was talking about!)

7. I saw this beautiful pink sky with a woman's face in a cloud. It may have been me, but I'm not sure...

8. I bought a cool necklace at Ann Taylor Loft, but I'm going to return it because I'd rather spend the money on beer. Drunken priorities.

9. When I get back from Pittsburgh I am SERIOUSLY looking for a new gig. To go back to #4, I am sick of wasting my time at a company that doesn't get shit done. Fuck em. Momma needs to feel contributory, challenged, and accomplished.

10. I didn't know that I knew "contributory" was a word.

11. I am still on a crazy taco kick. I should just be gay.

12. After work I came straight home to clean, pack, and shave so that I don't have to do any of it in the morning. As I was shaving my legs I thought, "I should shave my hootenanny as well." I've never referred to my vag as a hootenanny before, but now it is one for life.

13. I actually drank Coronas at a bar tonight. For a beer snob, that's low. I'm still in shock.

14. I finished True Blood season 2. Eric is soooo fucking hot despite his blonde hair. I hate blonde guys! They usually look like little girls to me, but holy balls, Eric is a sexy exception.

15. I'm five episodes into It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I like how assholey everyone is! I hear it only gets better.

16. Gosh I'm up to 16 already? I guess I should go to bed.

17. I love NYC with all my heart, but I have to admit I am pretty psyched to get the hell out of dodge this weekend.

18. I'm still thinking of hitting Cooperstown next month. Depends on the cashflow. I really need to buy new clothes instead of beer and basebally things. (Penis!)

19. Okay so I don't want to sleep around, but I am horny as fuck. I blame Eric. Damn, I need a boyfriend.

20. It's almost midnight. I should go to bed.

21. Okay...going. Good night, Ned!

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Melissa said...

Thanks, I feel much better now. When I read "Peppermint Pattie Booty face" my mind went somewhere much more twisted than vending machine snack residue!