Monday, September 27

A Word of Advice

I am not one to judge (except if you're a racist, religious fanatic, or litterer). You can talk to me about anything, anytime, anywhere, BUT a word of advice - know your audience. If you are going to ask me if:

you should sleep with a really hot guy, I will say yes.

you should drink your buyback even if you really don't need it, I will say yes.

it was wrong that you didn't tell the cashier they gave you too much change, I will say yes.

you should try ecstasy for the first time at age 35 I will say no, then ask you to buy a couple pills for a friend.

it was okay you didn't give up your seat for a woman who looked pregnant because you couldn't tell if she was knocked-up or just fat, I will say yes on days I am bloated and insecure, no on days I'm not.

you should go on Tatsu, I will say no.

Ummm...I think that's all of my stock answers. No gray, people!

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