Monday, June 6

Ahhh, Monday.

I'm trying to focus, but all I want to do is goof off and email friends.

Last week was up and down health-wise. I had a ridiculous allergy cough for a few days, which I totally didn't mind since everyone is getting hit with bad allergies this year. It felt nice to have share an ailment with others for once! It was NOT nice to have aches, spasms, and pain again though.

It started with my foot on Tuesday. By Friday, my foot spasmed (the bone pops right out, then goes back), there was tearing pain in my calf, my carpal tunnel was the worst it has ever been, and my glands were swollen. Basically my whole right side of my body was inflamed for some reason. I've been living on Advil since.

I went to the neurologist that night since she's the one who found I have dead tibial motor nerve in both legs. She ran the test again (shocks shocks shocks) and it turns out my left is much better, but my right is still busted. She doesn't think the spasms are related to this though, so she said I should see a rheumatologist next. She also said I still have mono and I should be taking medication for it.

By the time I was done at the doctor's I was EXHAUSTED. It was a combination of physical and mental stress. It was fucking upsetting as hell to feel like shit again. I tried (am trying) to be positive and see this as a fluke and not a sign I am getting sicker, but it's hard. It's also hard to know which doctor to listen to at this point. I called my new primary for advice. She wants me to come in Wednesday. Come on answers and cure!!!

Thankfully I had a really great weekend, despite the pain. Saturday I went to Bucket's house for a BBQ and yesterday I saw X-Men: First Class with Juniper. The rest of the time I was with MDLL. Our favorite thing to do is eat tacos and watch action/lame movies from our youth. This weekend was Die Hard, Police Academy 5, and Tango and Cash. It's like a dream come true!!

I'm sure there will be some work down the road because of the "new information", but I'm okay with this. I love him, I love being with him, and I am happy he finally opened up to me. I am really, REALLY excited to see how things work out for us.


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