Tuesday, May 31


And the BEST news of the weekend...I DANCED IN MY LIVING ROOM!

Dancing with my headphones on has always been my safe place/thing to do. I haven't done it in months. MONTHS. I was so disconnected with my self while I was sick that I haven't missed it either.

Then all of a sudden on Sunday I was like I NEED TO DANCE. The confusion with MDLL plus me feeling better kicked in the urge. I downloaded some new tunes and went at it for about a half hour before I met MDLL out, then I danced another hour or so when I got home. I loved every minute of it.

When someone asks me if I'm a music person, I tend to say no. I don't seek new tunes, don't go to concerts, never know what the name of a song is or who sang it. It's so funny though because once I'm in my own little world dancing around, all I can think about is how wonderful it is to feel the music in my soul.


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