Saturday, May 7

It's all happening!

Okay, maybe my health woes are coming to an end! Yay!

Wednesday I got pretty sick again. I was fine after a greek yogurt, then got sick after eggs, red pepper, and feta. I honestly didn't think any of that would be an issue, but that's the problem. I won't know what's an issue until it is one!

I was so uncomfortable and out of it that I called the gastroenterologist with the hopes I can get the upper endoscopy done sooner. I figured it was best to go in while I felt like shit. Luckily she had an opening Thursday afternoon. A big thanks to my heatherosexual life partner Florence Bacongale who picked me up and took care of me afterwards. (I couldn't leave on my own because of the anesthesia.)

The doctor found I have gastritis in my stomach and atrophic mucosa in my duodenum. That last bit means my intestinal villi are flattened. This is a key indicator of...wait for it...CELIAC! Woo hoo! I'm possibly not crazy! My blood tests came back negative for it, but the best way to tell is taking a biopsy. Fingers crossed the results tell me SOMETHING! GAH!

From the little research I've done on celiac (I'm trying my best to stay off the interwebs to keep my anxiety in check), there is a link between it and mono, stress, AND a vitamin B12 deficiency. I have all three. I also read that the villi absorb nutrients and help digest simple sugars, which may also be the reason why I can't seem to handle any sugar at all. The villi also help to digest lactose, so it's possible the combo of the red pepper and the feta was a big no no.

Since Wednesday I've been eating pretty bland, one thing at a time to pinpoint what is an issue or not. My diet is basically greek yogurt, eggs, chicken, steak, veggies, and a little fruit. I lost another three pounds this week. I'm happy and not happy about it. I mean, it's great to lose weight but I don't want to be afraid to eat! I'm going to brunch in a couple of hours and I'm a bit nervous about it. I just need to get used to reading menus and planning what I'm going to eat beforehand. It's really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things!

Obviously I'm already on the celiac boat. Watch the biopsies say I don't have it. It just seems way too coincidental that I get sick after bread. I now don't think the Valtrex had anything to do with my sickness two weeks ago. I really think it was the beer, pumpernickel bread, and muesli with fruit. Stupid ass me thought muesli was made of oats. Boy was I wrong!! I went food shopping this morning and read a box of it. It has wheat, barley, and rye the three worst possible things a celiacan (is that the right word?) can eat!!! MORON!! No wonder I got so sick!!

I don't understand why I am really sensitive to it ever since the Valtrex though. In January I was only sick a few days each time, but this seems to be dragging on. ANY bit of gluten or sugar seems to be fucking with me. I haven't been able to do much of anything. Work is piling up like crazy and I can't be bothered. I don't even watch TV, I just sit around and talk to myself. It's my favorite pastime.

Yesterday I was super sore and uncomfortable all day. It turns out there was a lot of air in my intestines, so once that cleared (by way of fartage) I was fine.

Sorry this blog has become a boring health story. I'm still funny, I swear!! Funny looking anyways.

Bacon gave me some tough love this week, which I desperately needed. She said I have a 10pm bedtime for the next two weeks and I am not allowed to have MDLL stay over or stay at his place because he keeps me up with his snoring. While I hate that I can't go out and do what I want, Bacon is absolutely right. I need rest and time to heal.

To make myself feel better, I set a party goal. I'd like to be in good shape for Crazy Ass's anniversary party on May 21st. By then I should definitely know the issue and the triggers. My beer drinking days might be over, but I will always be a bar girl!!

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