Friday, May 20

Thanks Verizon Wireless!

I rarely ever go over my 450 peak minutes, except when I'm having a nervous breakdown and call, of all people, my mother.

With working from home and traveling I almost went over a couple of weeks ago, so I quickly upped my minutes to the next level. Unfortunately it didn't go through immediately, so Verizon charged me an extra $50.

One quick phone call and they removed the charge because they realized it was a timing issue between when I increased my minutes and the overage. It helped that I've never been late on a payment for ten years.

Thanks Verizon Wireless! I've always loved your service.

A couple of things though:

1. You should make a note on the "Increase Your Minutes" link that it takes a day to activate.

2. It's a shame you don't do roll-over minutes. I'd probably have a million. This is probably why you don't offer it, huh?

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