Monday, May 23

My Day

My day started at 6am. I was dead tired as I'm still not sleeping through the night. For over a week now I keep waking up every 3-4 hours either to adjust my boob (it's hurting again) or to pee. ANNOYING.

On Friday the doctor said I have a heart murmur and told me to go for an echocardiogram. I had to be there by 8am and after a slow subway ride and stupid cab ride, I made it just in time. Why a cab? My heart/chest was killing me. I had to walk from Broadway to 1st Ave (about 3/4 of a mile for you non-NYers) and I couldn't make it. I was completely winded, so I hopped into a cab about half way through only to get stuck in the midtown tunnel traffic. I was close, but still had to walk a bit. STUPID.

The doctor also gave me a DPT immunization on Friday. She said to call her if the injection site becomes red or bumpy. Guess what?? It did. OF COURSE.

The cardiologist's office was right by the doctor's office, so I called as soon as I was done with the hopes I can pop right in. No such luck. I stood on 34th Street for about a half hour waiting for a call back before heading up to midtown. I got to work at 10am. The doctor called a few minutes later asking me to come down again at 1pm. SHEESH.

My chest was still hurting at work, so I barely got anything done in the two hours I was there. Instead I IMed Bacon gossip from the weekend. It made me feel better. YAY!

The doctor looked at my arm said I have an infection at the injection site. I'm now on antibiotics. UNBELIEVABLE.

Today's travels included one cab ride, three subway rides, and four bus rides. METROCARD!

By the time I got back to Astoria I was exhausted. I dropped off my prescription, slept for an hour, picked up my prescription, ate, and am now blogging. I've done zero work. D'OH!

Funny news of the day? My bloodwork says I am healthy. Ha! Thyroid, cholesterol, vitamins, platelets, organs, etc. all good. Oddly enough, my mono levels have not changed though. The doctor said since I will always be a carrier of mono, it will always show up in my blood. She now believes I never had active mono and it is NOT the reason I've been sick all year. WHAAAA??

That brings us back to the candida/yeast overgrowth. I was really strict with my diet this weekend and started taking a probiotic. I felt pretty good!! I was able to go to both Bacon's party and Crazy Ass on Saturday. I had a couple of gin and tonics with TONS of water. A slight buzz, but nothing crazy. The last thing I need is a hangover these days. Yesterday I saw Bridesmaids (HYSTERICAL! GO!) and then went to MDLL's. I was in bed by 10:30pm, but again, didn't sleep well. TIRED.

Now just gotta wait and see what happens with the echocardiogram, the shot infection, and the usual lightheadedness, exhaustion and chest pain. SIGH.

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