Friday, August 26

Fun with Colors

Ever wear or buy something in a specific color and feel like that color is following you? For example, the day I decided to paint my college bedroom lilac I was later surrounded by lilac things: shirts, flowers, stickers, store signs. I took this to mean I made the right decision!

Since then I've taken notice whenever a color is near itself. It has to be an interesting color or a situation that makes you stop and think what is the probability of these two random things matching?

Have I lost you yet? Maybe visual aides will help. I started taking some pictures. It's a bit hard though! Today this woman was standing at the corner. Her black and white striped skirt matched the crosswalk perfectly. I couldn't get the picture before the light changed though! Blah!

Cars are pretty easy, but I always wonder what are the chances two of the same color would park right next to each other?

This was a fun one. A cab was parked at the light for a while, but I missed the photo op. It would have been a trifecta of mustardy yellow!

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