Friday, August 26

Come On Eireen..

I was on edge all day. Queries wouldn't run, my email was wonky, Excel was acting up. Everything was on the fritz! I was panicky, insecure, and anxious for no reason.

Then later on it hit me. The whole city is freaking out over Hurricane Irene and I got caught up in the mind hive stress vibes. Once I realized this I calmed down.

I bought some water and food, did laundry, hit the bank, and cleaned my toilet because Shizza knows what that thing will look like if I can't flush until Monday.

I'm a bit concerned about two things. One, my roof. Well, my ceiling. Every year I get bad leaks in my kitchen and one corner of my living room. Two, my bedroom window. I love, love, LOVE this window. There's nothing behind my building, so I have a great view of Manhattan and a beautiful breeze even on hot summer days. During very windy storms it can be pretty scary though. I've woken up in the middle night worried it will break. I might hang up some plastic tarp to be safe.

MDLL and I plan to have a hurricane slumber party the next couple of nights. I told him all we need is vodka, taco fixings, and condoms. I have a feeling those are the only things he bought, so chances are we'll be hanging at my place.

Be safe East Coasters!

P.S. The title should be read as if a Chinese man was singing Come On Eileen...ROR!

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Amy said...

I'm quite jealous of your hurricane plan. I'm sick and therefore cannot have alcohol and my family asked me to stay with my grandmother so no sexy time with the boyfriend. WAHHHHH!!!